Our Mission Statement can best be described as

"Every day is Clay Day!"®

We believe clay should be an integral part of elementary and secondary classroom art education. Our goal is to get clay back into the schools on a regular basis so that every day can be Clay Day.

The goal of The Clay Teacher is to bring FUN to Art Education by introducing students to three dimensional art creation in a relaxed way, resulting in a completed project at the end of the workshop which brings the student joy, always keeping in mind the real goal should be learning the process, not concentrating exclusively on the finished project.

Students are people and should be treated as such.

Never talk down to a student.

There is not one "right way" to sculpt with clay.

Only your best is "good enough".

Freedom of expression and invention is paramount to a successful project.

If the student likes the art project they create then it is just right.

Art Education should be fun.

No tears!

Every project will be treated with respect, handled carefully, and returned promptly.